• Organization and general management of the project.
  • Coordination of works.
  • Development of health and safety plans.
  • Development of open workplace.
  • Management of the documentation.
  • Guestbook, Book of Outsourcing.
  • Preparation of books of Building and Housing Books.


  • Consultancy of Goverments Grants
  • Touristic Consultancy
  • Project Management (international and nationl projects)

Learning / E-Learning

Here are some examples of our courses

  • Courses of Occupational Health and Safety (Prevención de Riesgos Laborales / SHA)
  • Courses of Tower Crane
  • Courses of ISO norms
  • Courses of Spanish
  • Courses of Project Management
  • Time Management

We can adapt the project, to be e-learning or on-site learning

Project Management

  • Life-Cycle Management
  • Consulting
  • Risk Management
  • Cost Control
  • PMP, Scrum Managers