About us

Who we are?

Planteamientos Prácticos Uracoa S.L, perform engineering services, architecture, consulting, environmental and occupational risk management activities primarily in the Principality of Asturias.

Planteamientos Prácticos Uracoa S.L consists of a group of highly qualified and multidisciplinary response to the many demands that are generated adapting to the rules, betting on new technologies to be closer to his company and its problems. This approach allows undertake any dimension raised by the client: financial, technical, safety, environmental, aesthetic, communication, etc., and is only possible through the collaboration of engineers, architects and consultants. To meet this challenge requires a total team rapport and determination to subject any particular point of view to the client’s needs in order to provide a truly integrated service.

The principle of collaboration and a durable are the two pillars on which rests his business philosophy.


  • Clients are and will be the reason for us by therefore, technological development, the implementation of quality systems or adding new activities are oriented tools to service and continued satisfaction of the client’s needs.
  • We preferentially stimulate professional and personal development of its people, recognized as the main asset of the company.
  • We are a with a highly competitive team of professionals with extensive experience in the execution of the work that we develop. The academic qualifications of all is always appropriate to the nature of the work they will do their job.

For Planteamientos Prácticos Uracoa S.L, technological innovation, understood as the conversion of knowledge in improving or creating new services, products or processes, is geared towards improving internal processes and implementing new processes and technologies to customers’ products.

Key to success

We understand that business excellence is achieved through daily tasks, procedures and planning. Delivering the efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency. Well as the establishment of values corporate maintained over time.

Our business development is grounded on the following corporate values ​​that govern all our internal operations:

  • Client focus.
  • Total quality.
  • The breadth of services.
  • Respect for the law and professional ethics.
  • Teamwork.
  • The professional development of our employees.
  • Sustained growth but controlled.

Our goals

Our goal is to achieve high customer satisfaction: tell us about the project wants to develop, analyze, adapt to the standards development projects, subsidies which can catch, keep track of it and its final justification.